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Chair's report for 2014-2015

Chair’s Report 2014/15 Craigiebarns Parent Partnership AGM 2nd June 2015

Chair’s Report  2014/15        Craigiebarns Parent Partnership AGM        2nd June 2015


  1. Communication between school and parents

Facebook page –now has 154 likes, representing over half of our parents in addition to grandparents, aunties and some school staff.  Rachael Anderson (P4 and nursery mum), Miss Kelly, Early Years Practitioner at Nursery and      Mr Dempster, deputy head, have joined Kim Ogilvie, Mrs Piggot and myself on the admin team.  The school office is using it more to back up bag drop notes and to get information out quickly to parents.  Some posts have over 700 views.

Head Teacher’s Newsletter – Mrs Lemon has continued to make her termly newsletter appear contemporary and inform parents about new teaching practices, pupils’ successes and important dates and events.  The CPP contribute a paragraph but for the end of year will put out a separate newsletter summarising what we have achieved this year and what is planned for next year.

CPP recruitment – Providing childcare at our meetings did not increase attendance and it remained poor.  As flyers in the playground and concerts had limited success, ordinary member recruitment was added to the Parent Helper sheet sent out biannually.  Five parents have shown an interest in joining the CPP and more to be part of the Fundraising and Playground Improvement subgroups.  We have rewritten our constitution to reflect our practice and put a two year limit on office bearers to encourage more people to come forward and keep ideas fresh.

Parent Email Distribution – The CPP are helping the school office set up Mail Chimp for emailing parents and carers.  The school will phase this in the next school year to enable school notes, newsletters and CPP agendas and minutes to be emailed to parents and carers.

CPP Display Board – A light, portable display board has been created to keep parents up to date with what the parent council is doing and how to get involved.  It was used at parents’ night in February and can be used at social events too.

Plans for 2015/16

To collaborate with office staff to get the school’s email distribution system up and running.

To continue to look at a CPP which is more representative of the families attending Craigiebarns.

To perform a survey of parents on their satisfaction with school/home communication (email and Survey Monkey)

To assist Mrs Lemon create an electronic newsletter for parents.


  1. Supporting our school

Fundraising subgroup raised £795 for the school by holding a Family Bingo Night.  They paid half of the Christmas Panto cost (£400) and bought new netball team strips (£223).

Playground Improvement subgroup has started under the leadership of Elaine Anderson (P1 & P4 mum) and is making progress in the apple orchard.

We have created a Parent Helper database for school and CPP use.  Parent Helpers served the refreshments at the Hallowe’en and Valentine’s discos and the Christmas Concert.  They are running the Infant lending Library very successfully under the leadership of Louise Dingwall (P1 & P3 mum).  They continue to help with Saved by the Bell and the Code Club each week.  They helped the Craigie High sixth year pupils with the Book Fairs at Parents’ Nights, organised and packaged all the Read Write Inc books and made the ribbons for Sports Day. 

In response to complaints about stock held and long waits for orders from the Schoolwear Shop, we have organised our school uniform to be available online with Border Embroideries.  As a direct result of this, our school uniform badge, which was designed by the first pupils at the school in 1970, was redone to make it a truer to the original artwork.

As the Schoolwear Shop was no longer stocking our red wool blazer, we sourced School Colours in North Yorkshire who could produce a polyester blazer in the correct shade of red for £30.  Unfortunately the minimum 50 orders were not reached to proceed with the order.

Plans for 2015/16 –

To continue to fundraise for a sound system for the hall by holding a Spring Fayre.

To assist the head teacher to review the Bullying Policy. 

To assist the head teacher with the School Improvement Plan.


  1. Safety in and around the school

School Crossing on Craigie Drive – Unfortunately a new lollipop man did not start as the previous one reinstated.

Plans for 2015/16

To tackle road safety on Craigie Drive and Craigiebarn Road now management has changed from the Education Dept. to the Transport Dept.

To mend the “bridge” and the “circle” in P1 playground.

Remove weeds in apple orchard so it can be used safely at playtime and enjoyed.


  1. Meetings attended by Chair                               

Meetings with Primary PC chairs and Head of Primary Education – 11 November (with vice-chair) and 14 May

Meeting with Chairs and Director of Education - 21 April               

Meeting with Chairs and Education Councillor – 17 February

Training Evening for Parent Councils – 25 February (with secretary) 

P1 Induction Talk   



Clare Holland

CPP Chair

29th May 2015