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CPP Minutes for 4.11.2015

attached are the minutes for the meeting held on Wednesday 4th December.

Minutes of CPP meeting on Monday, 4TH November 2015

Infant Library, Craigiebarns Primary School


Present:   Farrah Baig, Tom Dempster (deputy head), Elizabeth Diamond, Louise Dingwall, Clare Holland, Irene Hopkins, Julie Lemon (head teacher), Jane McIntosh, Sajida Nadeem, Kim Ogilvie and Joanne Taylor.


Apologies:  Rachael Anderson, Nicola Cameron and Lesley Reid.


Minutes from Last Meeting - no copy of minutes brought to meeting.


Agenda Items:


  1. End of year school trips

Irene asked about the quality of end of year school trips.  Mrs Lemon explained that nowadays trips are held throughout the year and are linked to the classes’ topic work.  More are held in the summer term because of the better weather.  The Learning Group had been asked about this and they say pupils are happy with local trips.


  1. School Clubs

Parents have been questioning the number of clubs available in school for different year groups. 

Mr Dempster informed us that there are 21 clubs currently running in school.  There are more clubs for P5 – P7 but this was felt to be appropriate.  Each member of staff runs a class in school during the year in addition to the Active School’s Funky Feet, gymnastics and Dundee FC’s football training.  The committee were surprised by the number of activities available and felt there was a need for better communication with parents, so Mr Dempster has put the current club timetable on the website and Clare will post on Facebook with a link to it.                                                   Action: CH


Ways to improve school-to-parent communication were then discussed. It is accepted that few parents will visit the website unless looking for specific information and not all parents use Facebook or Twitter.  Posters advertising events in reception are seen by only a few.  It was agreed that an outdoor notice board at both entrances, like those in the city’s parks, would be the best option and would also allow last minute cancellation notices to be posted.  Clare will contact Dundee City Council re provision and costing.                                                                                              Action: CH


  1. Parent Helpers

Mr Dempster is happy with our parent helpers’ roles in school.  There was a good response for help with arts and crafts but more parents are required to support teachers with numeracy and literacy small group teaching.  Teachers will continue to use trip permission slips to seek help for trips when required.


  1. Fundraising Subgroup  


Treasurer’s report – Kim was unable to give us a current balance on the account as statements are only sent when there is a change to the balance.  Receipts are missing for last two years so accounts cannot be audited for that period. Kim to check again for missing receipts.                                                Action: KO


Autumn Term Fundraising – Sadly the family beetle drive on Wednesday 11th November had to be cancelled as only 42 tickets were sold to the families of committee members.  The prizes and raffle prizes will be kept and a new date set in February or March.                                                    Action:  NC



Christmas Card Fundraiser – There has been an excellent response to this fundraiser, especially from the nursery.  £1896 was banked into the school bank account and when the school has been invoiced we will know how much has been raised for the pantomime. There may also have been direct online orders.


  1. Playground Improvement Subgroup


New Lead – Elaine is going to be in charge of gardening maintenance and Jane will now lead the Playground Improvement subgroup.


Outdoor Classroom – progress over the October holidays has been fantastic.  Employees from Jo’s work, SGN, dug over the area, levelled it, and laid the membrane.  Elaine, Jane and Elizabeth then spread the bark chip provided free by DCC.  The time capsule is intact and has been reburied.  Before anything is put in the area it will be secured with a metal gate in the current gap, possibly attached to the building, rather than planting more hedge.  A gate and narrow benches may be available from Park Place School before it’s demolished.  Kim’s group will paint the tyres and plant spring bulbs.  Mrs Piggot’s husband has kindly offered to build the planters with wood provided by Bell & Sime.  Planting to start in Spring.


Prioritised List of Projects –


Complete Outdoor Classroom – so that children and Elaine can maintain it.


P2 playground – Bridge has been repaired by SGN to make it safe, but mud and areas of puddles need sorted.  Despite Director of Education Michael Wood’s promise to look into the problems with playground problems, he has not. Clare will contact him.                                                     Action: CH


P3 Woodland Area – paint railings along Craigiebarns Road entrance and decorate.  Rough metal in gap still to be fixed (Action: JL).


Main School Entrance Sensory Garden – liaise with Visual Impairment Unit as they planted it.


Playing Field – Purchase goal posts and basketball nets.


It was agreed to discuss a Facebook poll to see if parents agree with this list at the next meeting.


New Members – Ashleigh Carberry (Lily P1/2) and Vicky MacFarlane (Zac P1a & Max Nursery)


Funding – Grants applied for: Help for Kids, ASDA Milton of Craigie, ASDA Kirkton, ASDA West, Glaxo Smith Kline, Cash for Kids and Screwfix Foundation.




P7 school leavers’ gift – It was agreed that the CPP would give each leaver a tie for the high school they will be moving on to.


Leaf Blower – Ian’s leaf blower has stopped working. As it was bought by the CPP, we will pay for it to be mended or replaced. 


Text Santa Christmas Jumper Fundraiser – Mrs Lemon was happy with this suggestion for 18th December. Asian children may prefer to wear a plain brightly coloured jumper.  Kim sent for their fundraising pack.


School Angel – It was agreed this would be a good idea.


DONM              Monday 25th January 2016 in the Infant Library.  Childcare and snacks provided.