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Head Teacher's Report 2014-15

Mrs Lemon's report for this session

HT Report

The main school improvements over this session have been:

  • This session has been our second year using Read, Write, Inc. (RWI). Our Reading Leaders attend regular meetings and make sure that any improvements to the programme are adopted. For example, we have recently created an assessment marking code to help with consistency and take fluency of reading into account. The assessment results continue to show very good progress being made in reading. They are scrutinised to ensure that children are in the most appropriate group.

  • Literacy and Language was introduced this session – it is the follow up programme to RWI. Four teachers received training last session and used the resource this year with their class. Feedback from teachers has been very positive. The remainder of staff were trained in May this year and we look forward to adopting this resource fully next session.

  • There continues to be a focus on mental maths. All teachers follow a maths lesson framework which includes daily mental maths activities. New EDUK8 100 plus maths centres have recently been bought which will help our visual learners and help children make connections in maths.

  • One member of staff has been trained in Conceptual Development in Number and this will be a focus for all staff in the new School Improvement Plan (SIP). It is about finding out little things children may have picked up wrong which then can have a bigger impact on their future learning.

  • One member of staff attended Professional Learning Communities Co-operative Learning Training this year. This will be rolled out to staff during the next SIP and will lead to a more consistent use of this approach to learning and teaching.

  • The Daily Mile was introduced this year with feedback indicating its popularity with staff, pupils and parents. This will be developed to include cognitive exercises as well.

  • Work continues to develop the use of Addressing Barriers to Learning (ABLe) plans. Recent CPD for staff led by Support for Learning teacher and Dundee Educational Psychology Service has helped staff become more familiar with ABLe and how it can be used to support all pupils. A school ABLe plan has been created and expectations for staff is that they are responsible for creating an ABLe plan for their class, a group or an individual as appropriate.

  • We continue to involve children in their learning from the planning stage. Time to talk about learning takes place in all classes and children are aware of and have a greater input into what they are learning (skills and knowledge) and how they are learning. Children also need to be made aware of how the skills they are learning in one curricular area are transferred to another, for example report writing in English Language being used to write up a report in science.Skills development is particularly important and this will continue to be a focus next session.