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Minutes of CPP meeting on Monday, 7th September 2015

Minutes of CPP meeting on Monday, 7th September 2015, held in the Infant Library, Craigiebarns Primary School.

Minutes of CPP meeting on Monday, 7th September 2015

Infant Library, Craigiebarns Primary School


Present:  Rachael Anderson, Tom Dempster (deputy head), Elizabeth Diamond, Louise Dingwall,                      Jane Ferguson, Clare Holland (chair), Irene Hopkins, Julie Lemon (head teacher), Sajida Nadeem,           Lesley Reid and Joanne Taylor.


Apologies:  Elaine Anderson and Nicola Cameron


Minutes from Annual General Meeting in June approved.


Agenda Items:


  1. Appointment of Secretary / Clerk

Elizabeth volunteered to be our secretary.  Clare will arrange to meet up to give her more information and the email distribution list.


  1. Plans for 2015/16 session

Clare went over the CPP’s plans for this session as detailed in her chair’s report from the AGM.


  • Communication between school and parents

All available email addresses of parents were inputted and Yvonne will use this to help create the new Dundee schools’ email distribution list for the school.  There was a discussion about the phone app, “Classdojo”, and how it can be used to “reward” pupils and whether it can be used for parent/teacher communication.  Julie will find out more about it and other communications apps used in Angus.  A school Twitter account was suggested in addition to the CPP’s Facebook page.                                                                                                                               Action: JL

We will continue to strive to have a CPP which represents all our families.  Currently all year groups except P6 are represented and we have our first two Asian mums.

Performing a “satisfaction with school/home communication survey” and electronic school newsletter are on hold till our email system is running.


  • Supporting our school

The funds required for the sound system have been raised using the Bingo Night’s £795 and the £1000 grant from the Dundee Partnership Community Regeneration Fund.


To assist the head teacher with the Bullying Policy and the School Improvement Plan


  • Safety in and around the school

To tackle road safety on Craigie Drive.  Lollipop man is off sick and a green man crossing has been installed at the Gardyne Road/Belsize Road/Craigie Drive crossroads for college students. Tom has telephoned Tayside Contracts about having no lollipop man (as have several parents) but there are no staff available.  Clare is currently arranging to meet Neil Gellatly, Head of Transportation at DCC, as the issue of improving child safety at the crossing and up Craigiebarns Road involves parents, residents, D&A College and DCC.  Clare accepted Elizabeth’s offer of support with this. We discussed an idea from another school to stop parents parking on the yellow zig zags in which pupils handed out notes to these parents, a practice found to be more emotionally effective than a police presence.


To mend the “bridge” and the “circle” in the P2 playground as they are now a health and safety issue as well as unsightly.

Remove the weeds and maintain the apple orchard so it can be used for outdoor education.

  1. Sports Day

Rachael raised the feeling that parents and pupils find Sports Day boring with long periods of having to wait patiently.  There was a lengthy discussion on various possible formats and timing.  Rachael is to gather ideas from parents and Clare to find out about other Dundee schools’ sports days.                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Action: RA & CH

  1. Prize Giving

The school rewards effort in the five academic areas of the curriculum to each class and also an extra top of the year award in P7.  Rachael felt that consistent achievement in curricular areas was not rewarded.  Julie and Tom explained there were many rewards for achievement and good behaviour each day, week and term in addition to the end of year gold award.  There are also the sports day awards and music awards. The difficulty of awarding best academic achievement, progress or effort was discussed.


  1. Fundraising Subgroup 


Treasurers report - The current balance is £1942 with £1000 grant due into account by the end of   September.  The sound system quote is £1800 which would leave us with £1142.  £400 will be required for the school panto and several hundred for the gardening in the orchard, so ongoing fundraising is essential.  Kim had found the bookkeeper recommended by Taletta had retired and Clare was asking other local schools who they used.  Lesley offered that her mum could do this.  Lesley will give Kim her mum’s contact details.                                                                                                               Action: LR & KO


Autumn Term Fundraising Lesley discussed holding a family beetle drive and this was agreed and the date set for Wednesday 11th November at 6.15pm.  The Fundraising Group will meet on Wed 16th  Sept.    

                                                                                                                                                       Action:  LR

Christmas Card Fundraiser Rachael had obtained quotes from four companies producing individual pupils’ Christmas Cards.  The group chose The Art Project because of the square cards and use of environmentally friendly paper. Pictures will need submitted before the October holidays.      Action: RA


Spring Fayre The date has been set as Saturday 21st May.  It will be run by the Fundraising Group with a mixture of stalls run by CPP, school pupils, teachers, external traders, emergency services and local groups.  There will be fun activities, hot dogs and an ice cream van.  Anyone wishing to help with organising, booking a stall or running a stall should contact Lesley or Nicola.


  1. Playground Improvement Subgroup

It was agreed to prioritise the orchard area. To complete its tidying and add raised beds and planters so it can be maintained by pupils e.g. Kim Keenan’s new gardening group.  Jo informed us that her work, who dug up Brington Rd for gas pipes in the Spring, do good deeds in the area affected so she will approach her work re manual gardening labour.  Jane will support Elaine and arrange a meeting for all those involved to draw up plans and a jobs list.



Sajida raised safety issues in the playground: the large hole in the grass in front of P1 playground, the sharp metal at the gap in the railings, and the steep path from the college carpark which is very slippy when wet.  Julie was unaware of the issues in the playground and will have them seen to immediately.  However, the path on the slope is outwith the school grounds and there is an alternative longer, flatter path to the gate.



It was agreed that after school was a better time to hold the meeting than 6pm and Monday suited the majority.  Childcare provided by three other mums was successful.


Monday 9th November 2015 in the Infant Library.  Childcare and snack provided.