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Will your child be 5 before 28 February 2017?

If your child will be 5 before 28 February 2017? If so it's time to enrol them for school.

Notices are now up in the school and nursery giving further information to parents regarding the process. If you are catchment for this school we can accept your request from Monday 7th December.



We are now a ParentPay school

From Monday 23rd November we can now accept payment for school dinners and trips online using the ParentPay system.

All parents should by now have received their activation letters which enables them to log into the new system, if your child has misplaced their letter please call the school office on 438840 and a re-placement letter can be printed for you.

At present we can only accept payments for school meals. Over the next few weeks and months more items will be added, such as school trips, nursey fees, payment for school ties and waterbottles. 

This is a great way to pay rather than sending cash and cheques into the school via your child. To assist the teachers and office staff we would ask if prefer to send cash into the school for anything please make sure it is in an envelope with your child's name and what the money is for on it. Whenever possible if paying by cash/cheque for school dinners please try to send the money in on a Monday.

The address for the new system is:

Parents and the Internet

A Parent Leaflet that has now been distributed to all parents in Nursery School, Primary and Secondary.

Click the link in the Parent Partnership tab to see the leaflet.