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Pupil absence

If your child is off of school due to sickness or an upset tummy bug NHS guidelines are that you MUST keep your child out of school for 48 after the last time they were sick or had diarrhoea. This week we have had several parents telephoning the office to say their child had been sick in the previous night or even that morning and that their child now feels better so they will be in after morning break/lunchtime. I understand that parents wanted their child to be in class photographs on Tuesday, however, it is unfair for pupils who are unwell to be sent into school. The auxiliary and the office staff have spent a large part of this week telephoning parents to collect their child who is unwell as pupils have been put back to school too quickly. To stop infections spreading throughout the school please keep your child off for 48 hours after they have been unwell. Thank you for your co-operation and support in this matter.