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Nursery Newsletter - November 2014

Nursery Newsletter  - November 2014

November already!!  Where does the time go?  Children are all now  back in nursery routine after the October break. The clocks have changed and it’s getting dark earlier – children are noticing the changes and asking lots of questions.

Woodland Animals

We have begun a new project on woodland animals and children have all voted in their groups to pick an animal to ‘study’.

Red Group       A.M. – Rabbits          P.M. - Owls

Blue Group       A.M. – Foxes            P.M. – Foxes

Green Group    A.M. - Squirrels         P.M. – Squirrels

Yellow Group   A.M. - Hedgehogs    P.M. - Hedgehogs

Any skills or knowledge you have that would reinforce the learning that is taking place in nursery we’d be grateful for contributions.

Early Mathematics

As part of the maths curriculum we are looking at pattern all around us. Could you please help your child to look for patterns in their environment to bring to nursery. This could be photos or samples of fabric/ wallpaper etc.

Vision Tree

Here at Craigiebarns Nursery we strive to provide, maintain and continually enhance quality and the highest standards of care and education for all children. In order that we do this effectively we very much need the input of parents/carers. We now have a tree which is on the wall in the parent’s area, there are also some leaves so you as parents can jot down your ideas/ hopes/expectations/dreams for your child’s nursery. We will endeavour to incorporate them into our practice as we truly value you as partners.


Dates for our diary

Bonfire night – Wednesday 5th November

Come and play day – Wednesday 3rd December

You are invited to come and take part in activities with your child and speak with key- worker informally.

A.M. 10.30 - 11.30                                                                                                    P.M.  2.15 – 3.15

In- service days:

A reminder also that the nursery will be closed for children on the 13th and 14th November.


Can we also draw your attention to our website which contains our newsletters and information updates.