Information about staff at Craigiebarns.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Clarke - Head Teacher
Mrs Findlater - Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Britten - Principal Teacher
Mrs Sanger - Pricipal Teacher Visual Impairment and Technology

Teaching Staff

Miss Duncan - Nursery Teacher
Mrs Biggans - P1a Class Teacher
Mrs Means - P1b Class Teacher
Mrs Gallacher - P2a  Class Teacher
Mrs Wilson and Mrs Mercer - P2b Class Teacher 
Miss Davidson and Mrs Latto - P3 Class Teachers
Mr Clark - P3/4 Class Teacher
Miss Storrier - P4 Class Teacher
Mr Culloch - P5 Class Teacher
Mrs Ord and Mrs Lumley - P5/6 Class Teachers
Mrs Walker and Mrs McGrath - P6 Class Teachers
Mrs Forbes - P7a Class Teacher
Mrs Watt - P7b Class Teacher
Mr Shields - Health and Wellbeing Class Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Campbell - Admin Officer
Mrs Page - Primary and Early Years Care Assistant
Mrs McRitchie - Primary and Early Years Care Assistant
Mr Davidson - Primary and Early Years Care Assistant
Mrs Smith - Primary and Early Years Care Assistant
Miss Martin - Learning and Care Assistant
Miss Crichton - Learning and Care Assistant

Enhanced Support Area Staff (Visually Impaired)

Mrs Wilson - Teacher
Mrs Duffy - Learning and Care Assistant
Mrs Smith - Learning and Care Assistant
Miss Davidson - Learning and Care Assistant

Nursery Staff

Mrs Barclay - Senior Early Years Practitioner
Mrs McHugh - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Birmingham - Early Years Practitioner
Miss Kelly - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Crowe - Early Years Practitioner
Miss Martin - Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Ewen - Early Years Support Assistant
Mrs Bannon - Early Years Support Assistant
Mrs McNally - Early Years Support Assistant

Facilities Staff

Mr McFadyen - Facilities Assistant