Safer School Streets

We are proud to be part of Dundee City Council's 'Safer School Streets' traffic regulations.

We want all of our visitors, from infants to adults, to feel safe and welcome each day at Craigiebarns.  That is why our school is part of the 'Safer School Streets' initiative, ensuring that the streets around our school are clear from danger at busy times during the school day.

If you are visiting the school, please note that there are strict regulations around vehicle access during school start and finish times.  This is to not only keep our children safe, but also improve air quality, reduce congestion and improve road safety for those in our local community.

If you are a resident in the streets around our school, you can apply for a permit directly from Dundee City Council.  You may also notice the 'Safer School Streets' banner on our main school car park gates.

Alternative parking is available at Dundee and Angus College for dropping off and collecting children.

We hope you will join us in making sure our streets remain safe!