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Craigiebarns Primary School has an Enhanced Support Area (ESA) which provides special provision for children who have a Visual Impairment. The ESA is staffed by Visual Impairment Specialists, teachers and support staff, from the Accessibility and Inclusion Service (AIS) who have undertaken extra training. They work together with mainstream staff to meet the needs of the individual pupils; sometimes this can be in the dedicated ESA teaching space or in the classroom along with the VI pupils’ peers. In addition to the curriculum taught in school, pupils who have a VI experience a specialised curriculum which may include mobility & orientation lessons, extra school trips and Health & Wellbeing. If you wish to find out more about our ESA, please contact:

Mrs Karen Clarke (Head Teacher)

Mrs Ann Sanger (Principal teacher Visual Impairment)


ESa Resources.jpg
A display of some of the equipment used by some pupils with a VI. Spread out on top of a C shaped table is a Brailler sitting on top of a carpet tile, part of the RNIB Hands On Braille reading scheme, an enlarged adapted book along with enlarged flashcards, bump-ons, a ruler, a number line, a number fan (the number two has not been fanned out), pencils and pens, bold lined paper and jotters.


ESA door.jpg
Photo of a door that has been covered with light green paper. At the top of the door there are the words, “Visual Impairment ESA”. Underneath there is an A3 page showing the Braille sign of the week, which is an exclamation mark. There is a pictorial representation of the Braille cell with dots two, three and five filled in. At the bottom of the door, Nystagmus Day 2023 along with some facts about Nystagmus and information on some famous people who have the condition is displayed. To the right of the door frame is a red Fire equipment sign. Underneath it there is the signifier for the ESA which is a piece of Numicon. Beside the signifier to the right is a visual card for a classroom.