All the information you need to know about the Craigiebarns Nursery.

Can I stay with my child when they start?

At Craigiebarns Nursery we want your child to feel safe and cared for.  Parents/Carers are welcome to stay with their children until they are settled.  For many children this is the first time away from family, so it is important that the experience is associated with happiness and a feeling of confidence and independence.  Each child is different and settles into nursery in their own way.   The nursery staff will advise you how long to leave your child each day until they are settled. 

What are the opening hours?

Parents can chosen one attendance pattern which is either, 8.30am-2.30pm or 9.00am-3.00pm.

What should my child wear to Nursery?

Children should wear play clothes to nursery which you don’t mind if they get dirty.  Children may be painting, modelling or taking part in other ‘messy’ activities.  Children can choose to play outdoors each day so please provide them with suitable clothing (warm coat, hat and gloves in winter and cool protective clothing in summer).   Please ensure you have your child’s name on all items.

Can my child bring toys?

We kindly ask that your child does not bring their own toys to nursery. Comforters can be brought if necessary but these will be put away safely once your child is settled. 

What will my child get to eat?

A healthy snack is provided each day with a choice of milk or water to drink.  For lunch there is a choice of two options for school dinners for the children to choose from. The 4 week rolling dinner menu will be sent home for you to look at with your child.

We follow the guidelines from ‘Setting the Table – Nutritional Standards and Guidance for Early Years in Scotland’ and include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables with each snack.  If your child has any special dietary requirement please inform staff. Children have access to fresh drinking water as required.

What if we need to contact you?

In case we need to get in touch with you, please keep the nursery informed of changes in telephone numbers, especially mobile phone numbers.

What if my child is unwell?

Please inform the nursery if your child is unwell and unable to      attend nursery.  This helps us to track illnesses. If your child becomes unwell at nursery, we will contact you to ask you to collect them.

Will staff give my child medication when required?

Staff will give medication to your child. The medication must be prescribed by a doctor and have the relevant prescription label on the medicine.  Medication forms should be completed before staff can administer any medication.

Please discuss this with your child’s keyworker.

If your child is suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea they should not attend nursery until 48 hours after their last symptom.

Will my child brush their teeth?

Children will brush their teeth in nursery as part of the ‘Child Smile’ programme.  If you do not wish your child to participate then please write to us to let us know that you wish your child to opt out to opt out.

Can I see what my child is doing throughout the day?

We regularly post information and photographs about the nursery on our Nursery app:Seesaw. This app also has whole school information on it.  When your child starts at the nursery we will give you information about how to sign up. Please check this regularly to stay up to date with your child’s nursery experiences. We also encourage parents/carers to share any achievements from home.

Can I be involved in the nursery?

Parents and carers are encouraged to work in partnership with the nursery. We very much want our families to feel part of the nursery community. We encourage parents/carers to get involved by sharing their skills with children and other parents. We also offer Come and Play Sessions and ‘Peep’ groups throughout the year. ‘Peep’ is a programme which aims to support parents to make the most of everyday opportunities to support their child’s learning and development. Any parent/carer can ask to spend time in nursery with their child. We welcome any ideas you have for the development of the nursery community. 

Will I be told how my child is progressing?

The staff are available to discuss any matter relating to early learning or care.  Please contact your child’s keyworker through Seesaw or telephone the nursery.  After your child has been in nursery for six weeks they will receive a settle-in report.  This will be followed by two learning summaries in their first year. In-their pre-school year they will receive a further two learning summaries and an end of year report.  Parents/cares will be invited to meet with staff to discuss their child’s progress at key points in the year.

Learning Journals

Children are given a learning journal when they start nursery.  This journal becomes a record of learning and development throughout their time at nursery.  Children have ownership of this journal and we encourage parents to look at it and comment on the content when we send journals home.  The journal contains a mix of children’s work, staff observations and parent’s comments and combines to show each child’s individual learning journey. Your child will be able to take this journal home when they leave nursery to go to school.